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Without paragraphs of information you're not interested in, we offer supreme services in handling insurance claims and helping you get what you're entitled too. Which is fair claim settlements. We worked for the insurance carriers and now we work for you. With years of experience working for the carriers we understand how they operate. They nickle and dime their policy holders and in some cases don't pay claims. We know because we use to do it. Now we work with you representing you from start to finish making sure all damage is accounted for.

Types of Insurance Claims for Homeowners and Commercial


These are the worst situations you can find yourself in and hopefully never are a part of one. It could be a hurricane, tornado or flood they're all bad. The insurance claim process is very complex, time consuming and policy language can be confusing. The insurance companies have their own adjusters, you should too. When dealing with a claim it will feel like a full time job. We minimize your workload and handle your claim with our expertise and professionalism. You can focus on making repairs to your house and continuing to live your life without the stress of dealing with the carriers. When these types of storms occur, the last thing you want is for your claim to be sitting on a desk, while other claims are being paid. Believe us, it happens. What also happens is insurance companies are so busy, they often hire and send inexperienced adjusters to your property. Reason being, they don't have enough of their own adjusters to keep up. Next thing you'll receive a check in the mail that is not nearly enough to fix your property. Don't let that be you. Our job is to make sure you get fair claim settlements following major catastrophes and storms.

Water damage

Water damage losses occur when you least expect it. You were either out to dinner, picking your kids up at school or just put a load of wash in. What happens next is you come home and find water everywhere which has damaged your flooring, walls and cabinets.

These water losses include damage caused by your hot water heater, pipe leaks, air conditioner, washing machines, kitchen and bathroom leaks, roof leaks and other appliances. Most water loss claims require emergency mitigation companies (EMS) to prevent mold.

When insurance companies adjust these type of claims they will try and pay the least amount possible. That means instead of replacing cabinets or flooring damaged by water they will try to repair. However, the damage has been done. More often then not the affected areas are not salvageable and need to be removed and replaced.

Fire and Smoke

Fires are devastating. It is a time that family, friends and neighbors come together and help. Here at Represent we help too. Dealing with the insurance companies can be very time consuming, frustrating and the process isn't easy. Last thing you want to do is be on the phone all day, or meeting people one after the other while you're out of your home. What we do is make it easy for you handling the workload. We also will help you find a place to live, while you rebuild your home and get your life back on track.

Mold and Mildew

Most of the time you don't even know you have it. Could be from a roof leak you haven't noticed yet. Could be from a pipe leaking behind the wall. When you do notice mold it is important to call professionals. Mold can make you and your family very sick and needs to be remediated. Often times the insurance companies give the EMS a hard time because they feel they're doing excessive work. They're trying to save money while we are trying to make sure your home is safe to live in.

wind and hail Damage

When you're at home videoing the wind storm and witnessing all of the hail pelting your property there will be damage. More then likely your home suffered severe damage and you may not know it. In many cases your insurance company will say your roof is fine. Wind and hail damage lessens the lifespan of your roof meaning you will need to replace it sooner. All of these storms can create roof leaks damaging the interior of your home which can lead to mold and other problems that may arise.


You don't think of it but lightning can affect your home and personal belongings. If a strike is near by I'm sure your power has flickered or gone out. Often times the lightning strike gives a power surge to your home. When this happens many appliances and electronics will break and stop working, and in worse cases start a fire. Lightning can also affect outdoor items including pool pumps, wells and sprinkler systems.

Theft and Vandalism

It's unfortunate these type of things happen but they do. When burglaries or theft happens the first thing to do is contact the local authorities. Second thing which many people are unaware of is that there can be coverage for these incidents, such as stolen items or damage to your property because of the break in.

Business INTERRUPTION Claims

If your business has had an interruption due do to a loss your profits and business will more then likely suffer. We go through your financial records and determine how much funds you may lose. More importantly, how to put your business in the best position to re-opening sooner.

You also may need to temporary relocate until your location is repaired. And there may be specific equipment unusable. We're honored when we are able to help sustain a business in times of crisis.

Re-Open claims & Denials

Claim denied? Having a tough time settling your claim or unhappy with the outcome? We can help re-open and make sure the claim was handled appropriately by the insurance company. There are countless stories of claims being denied. However, they are in fact covered losses. If you've made a claim and don't feel that you have been compensated fairly, or enough. It's our job to re-open, investigate and find a solutions that work for you.

appraisal - consulting - estimating

Offering our expertise in the insurance industry appraising property damage and doing claim consulting.

We also have superior skills in creating estimates and reports for attorneys, contractors and EMS companies.

Represent public adjusters keep it simple. We handle your claims professionally and get directly to the point with the carriers. No time is wasted from the initial consultation. We worked for the insurance companies, now we work for you. Our only goal and job is put you in the best position for the best claim settlement. Time and time again that is what we deliver. We take great pride in what we do and will continue to do so.

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