The Claims Process

Following the Initial Loss

Contact Represent: When there is a loss and your home is damaged, the first thing you should do is contact a public adjuster. Insurance policies and the claims process can be very frustrating and confusing. During the initial contact we will be able to inform you on what steps to take. First thing is determining if there is coverage before making a claim.

Coverage and Policy: Most important part of the claim process is determining if there is coverage for your loss. This is why it's important to contact professionals who understand policy language. Insurance policies differ and the language written is confusing. We are able to determine what is covered and isn't covered. Once determining there is coverage we will make a claim with your insurance carrier.

Documentation and Paperwork: During the initial inspection we will gather all information valuable for your claim. This includes your policy, declarations page, evidence and all other documentation pertinent to your situation. Every claim is different. It is also possible we may contact other contractors to help mitigate the damage. This way the damage doesn't get worse. We gather as much information possible so the claims process is handled efficiently for the best claim settlements. Insurance companies are very picky when it comes to documentation. We like to be one step ahead, always.

Estimate and Scope: After gathering all of the important documentation we will then scope your home. Which means do a thorough inspection of your property accounting for all of the damage. We then put together an estimate to replace or repair everything that has been damaged. More often then not insurance companies miss things that need to be replaced or do not pay enough. We make sure everything is included in the estimate because that is what you're entitled too. They have their own adjuster, this is why you need one as well.

Negotiation: Insurance companies try to pay the least amount of money possible. They're in the business of saving money. We're in the business of making sure your claim gets paid fully. Our goal is to get your home back to the way it was, if not better. Some times the insurance company will make it time consuming. As mentioned before, we use to work for the carriers. We know how they operate and we take the right steps in the negotiating process.

It is uncommon but does happen in which an insurance companies refuses to pay. At this time we would move your claim along to appraisal or litigation. Just remember that the court system is usually in favor of the homeowner.

Settlement: Once an agreement has been made the insurance company will issue a check to you soon after. Following settlement, we can help advise you in the build back process so it goes smoothly. Again, you are in our best interest.

Integrity: Trust the process. We are honest with you from the beginning to the end Representing you from day one.

we want whats best for you. not whats best for the carrier.

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